Unleashing the Magic: Presto Pressure Cooker Rack Review

Unleashing the Magic: Presto Pressure Cooker Rack Review

When it comes to pressure​ canning, having the right tools can make all the difference in the world. That’s why ‍we were excited to try out the Presto 85707 11″ Pressure Canner Rack. This handy rack is designed to fit inside your pressure ⁢canner, allowing you to safely and easily stack jars during the canning process. Made in ​China, this rack boasts⁣ durability and functionality, making it a useful addition to any kitchen. Join⁤ us as we dive into our experience‍ with‍ the Presto 85707 11″ Pressure ​Canner Rack and see if​ it lives up to the​ hype.

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Overview ⁣

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After using this pressure canner rack for a few ⁢weeks, we can​ confidently say that it has revolutionized our canning process. The 11-inch size fits perfectly in our pressure canner, allowing us to safely stack multiple⁣ layers of⁤ jars.⁤ This rack is​ sturdy and reliable, ensuring that our jars remain‌ stable during ⁣the ​canning process. It ⁤is a must-have accessory for any ‌home canner looking to maximize their ⁣canning efficiency.

One⁢ of the ⁢best features‌ of this rack is its durability. The construction​ is solid and well-made, giving us peace ​of‍ mind that it will last for⁢ years to come. Additionally, the fact that it is made in China does⁢ not detract from its quality in ⁣any way. We highly⁤ recommend ⁣this ‍pressure canner rack to anyone looking to streamline their canning workflow and preserve their fruits ⁤and vegetables with ease.

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Outstanding Features

Outstanding ⁢Features

One of the standout⁢ features of this pressure canner rack ⁢is its sturdy construction. The rack ​is made of durable⁣ materials that⁤ are designed ⁣to withstand the high⁤ temperatures ​and pressures involved in pressure canning. This ensures⁢ that the rack is long-lasting and ‍reliable, providing peace of mind during the‌ canning process.

Additionally, the design of ⁣the‍ rack allows‍ for optimal air circulation ‍during the canning process. This helps to ensure that ⁢the heat is ‌evenly‍ distributed throughout the canner, resulting in consistent and thorough processing of your canned goods. The ‌thoughtful design of the rack maximizes the efficiency of your canning experience, making⁤ it ‍a valuable tool for any home canner.

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Detailed Insights

When ⁣it ​comes ⁣to preserving and canning, having the right tools is essential.⁤ We recently ‌tried out the Presto 85707 11″ Pressure Canner Rack and were‌ impressed with its‌ performance.⁣ This sturdy rack is designed to fit perfectly in ‍your pressure canner,​ providing stability and support for your jars during the canning​ process. Made in China, this rack is durable and easy to clean, making‍ it a great addition⁣ to any ⁤canning setup.

What we ⁣love most about the Presto Pressure Canner Rack is its versatility. Not only does it work well for canning, but ⁣it can also be⁢ used ​as a cooling⁢ rack for freshly baked ‌goods or‍ as a trivet for hot pots and pans. Its 11″ size is perfect for most ‌standard pressure canners, and its quality⁣ construction‌ ensures that it‌ will last for years to come.⁣ If you’re ​looking for a reliable, multi-purpose canner rack, we highly recommend giving‌ this one a‌ try.

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When it comes to ‍pressure canner racks, we cannot ​recommend the Presto​ 85707 enough. This sturdy rack is a⁤ game changer in the canning⁢ process, ​allowing for efficient stacking of jars and maximizing the space inside the canner. ⁤Made in China, this rack is​ of high quality and durability, ensuring that it can‍ withstand the rigors of canning season after season.

With​ the Presto 85707, we ‌have found that‍ our‌ canning process has become much more streamlined and organized. The ⁣rack allows for even heat distribution, resulting⁤ in⁣ perfectly ​preserved fruits and vegetables every time. For anyone looking ⁣to step up their canning game, this rack is a must-have addition to your kitchen arsenal. Trust us, you won’t‍ be disappointed!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews for the ⁣Presto 85707 ⁤11″ Pressure Canner Rack, we are pleased to share with you⁢ some feedback‌ from satisfied customers:

I use it with my presto canner⁣ and ‌I can do ‍double‌ batches now. Canning is more exciting and I‌ get‌ to preserve more in less time. I am⁣ very happy with ‌the product
A perfect fit for my canner
There’s not much I can say other than it works great, just like the⁢ one that came with the canner. Same metal and same design. Now I can double the canning capacity of the canner.
I have two so I can stack when canning pints etc. Fits and performs as expected!
I think it ⁢is made from aluminum just⁢ like the original is.​ We bought this one so we could⁤ double‍ stack pint jars when canning.
I bought this ⁤to use as an upper tray in our pressure canner ​for stacking pint jars. No complaints.
I needed a second one of ‍these and wanted one just like what came‍ with the canner. This fit the bill. The first one‌ was bent ⁤in shipping but was replaced‌ in a timely ⁤manner.
You can double your pints with this. Lay it on top ⁢of the bottom⁢ row. And​ put another row! Make sure your canner⁢ is ⁢tall ⁤enough.
Frechheit ‌für den Preis, woanders bekomm ich dafür nen halben Topf. Nächstes mal⁣ kauf ich⁣ nen⁤ Blech und mach mir selber eins
$27cad for this item is⁤ absolutely absurd but…it’s ​all there is it seems.⁣ I can’t buy anything like ⁢this⁤ where I live‌ in Kamloops⁣ so I paid the crazy price for⁢ a piece of aluminum. It is the​ same as the presto canner comes with ⁤so that’s ⁤a ⁣bonus

Overall, customers​ are pleased ⁣with the performance and fit of the Presto⁤ Pressure Canner Rack,⁣ allowing them‌ to double their canning capacity and stack pint jars with ease. While some have expressed frustration⁢ with the price, ⁣most‌ agree that‍ the quality and ⁣functionality of the⁢ product make​ it a worthwhile investment for home canning enthusiasts.

Pros‌ & Cons

Pros ⁤& ​Cons


  • Allows for effective water bath canning
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Fits⁣ perfectly in Presto‍ pressure canners
  • Helps prevent jars from‌ breaking during the canning process


  • Made in China, possible concerns about quality control
  • May⁢ not ‍fit in​ non-Presto pressure canners

Overall ⁣Verdict:

Despite its origin and potential compatibility issues, the Presto 85707 ⁢11″ Pressure Canner Rack is a valuable addition to any canner’s kitchen toolkit. It provides the necessary support for safe and successful canning sessions, giving us ​peace of mind while preserving our favorite fruits and vegetables. We recommend this product for anyone looking to unleash the magic of pressure canning!


Q: What is the purpose of a pressure canner rack?

A:⁢ The pressure canner rack is designed ‍to elevate jars off the bottom of the canner during the canning process. This ⁤allows for proper heat circulation⁤ and helps prevent​ glass jars from ‌cracking.

Q: Is the Presto ⁢85707 ⁢11″ Pressure Canner⁤ Rack durable?

A: Yes, the Presto pressure canner rack​ is made of‌ sturdy ⁣materials and is built to last. It can withstand ⁢high temperatures ⁤and is designed ​to ⁣hold multiple jars securely in place.

Q: Can I use the Presto pressure canner rack with other brands of pressure canners?

A: While the Presto pressure canner rack is‌ specifically designed for Presto pressure canners,⁣ it may ⁤also be compatible with​ other brands that have similar sized canning racks. We recommend checking the ⁢dimensions of your canner ⁣to ensure proper fit.

Q: Is the Presto pressure‌ canner rack easy to clean?

A: Yes, the Presto pressure⁣ canner rack​ is easy to⁢ clean. Simply wash⁤ it with⁤ warm, soapy water and ‌dry‍ thoroughly before‍ storing. It is also dishwasher safe ⁢for added convenience.

Q: Where‌ is the Presto 85707 11″ Pressure Canner Rack manufactured?

A: The Presto pressure canner rack is proudly made in⁤ China. Presto is known for their high-quality products and strict manufacturing standards, so you can trust that you are getting a reliable and ‍efficient canning⁢ rack.

Embody Excellence

As we come to the end ​of⁤ our Presto Pressure Cooker Rack review, we can’t help but be amazed by‍ the ⁣magic this simple yet essential accessory brings ⁢to our canning and cooking adventures. The Presto 85707 11″ Pressure Canner Rack has truly unleashed a ⁤new level of convenience and‍ efficiency​ in our kitchen, making⁤ us wonder how we ever managed without it.

If you’re ready ​to ‌experience the magic for yourself, ⁤click here ⁣to ​grab your own Presto Pressure Cooker Rack and take your canning game to the⁣ next level: Get your Presto Pressure ‍Cooker Rack now!

Happy cooking and happy canning!

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