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If you've ever needed to build multiple versions of an icon, each one tuned to the platform it's destined for, had to build graphics for a game and wanted to make it easy to create and update hundreds of frames, or wrestled with App Store screen shots... DrawDown is for you. A free command line tool you can integrate into your build process, and a dedicated interactive editor for MacOS there's about to be one more thing you can automate away.

Yearn for iOS now available

Monday, February 02, 2015

Yearn - See, Smile, Share

We are delighted to announce the release of Yearn for iOS. Your phone is the camera you are most likely to use, and we all take a lot of photos. Yearn finds photos using the date and your location to evoke fond memories. Browse and share your precious memories with those you love. Yearn won’t get in the way. Use the Today widget to quickly see its selections, or glance at the app icon to see how many memories it has found for you. Yearn runs on any iOS 8 device. Yearn has been entirely developed in Swift, to learn a bit more about how the sausage was made check out the post on Swift Studies - Writing our first Swift app

Oyster 1.3 Released with Swift Regex Support

Sunday, June 15, 2014

We’ve fixed a few bugs, but also added code generation support for Swift. You can get it on the Mac App store

Oyster 1.2 (The Mac Regex Tool) Released

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We pleased to say Oyster 1.2 has just been approved by Apple and the update should be availble through the App Store over the next few hours. 

Oyster 1.2 is a modeset update with some minor bug fixes, and adds support for Rx+ (a set of Regex categories and Macros available on Github here). We came  across these and have to say that they are very well thought out and we’ve started using them ourselves. You can follow the creator @BendyTree we think he deserves a big thanks for making one of those more convoluted pieces of API much cleaner for the common (80%) tasks!


Monday, September 23, 2013

We thought we would round up the updates we’ve made to different apps in the last week:

  • Cloud Mate iOS: Updated for iOS 7 with bug-fixes addressing issues where not all DropBox files would be listed
  • Cloud Mate Mac (1.5.7): Fixed crashes in 10.8.5 and added support for Shared Photostreams
  • Sumbolon: Improved support for 32-bit applications and added a work around a Spotlight defect that could result in archives not being found
All of your apps should automatically update!

Oyster 1.1 Released

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

We’ve just released version 1.1 of Oyster, the Mac Regex Tool. This release adds a new feature (CodeBox snippet integration) as well as fixing a couple of bugs. 

The more observant amongst you will notice that the Oyster icon, product page, and Oyster Farm have all also have a bit of a refresh. The moment we ran it on Mavericks, we knew we needed to make sure it would fit in a little better from day one. 

As always even though Apple has approved the update, it will take a little while to roll out around the world, but that process is normally complete within a few hours. 
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